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Ian Bazalgette Post War

There are a number of monuments, plaques and other remembrances of Squadron Leader Ian Bazalgette. In 1949, a mountain in Jasper National Park was named Mount Bazalgette in honour of the fallen airman, who was born in Calgary and grew up in Canada. A Calgary high school was also renamed in his honour in 1970.

Baz's medals and other wartime materials were presented to RAF Hendon Museum in England, where they are displayed today.

The Nanton Lancaster Society was established in 1986 in Nanton, Alberta. In an effort to find a Canadian airman with whom to associate themselves, they came upon Bazalgette - an Alberta-born Victoria Cross winner who flew in Lancasters but about whom virtually nothing was written. The society worked with former crewmen, Squadron members and surviving family (his sister Ethel) to piece together Baz's story.

On July 27 1990, The Nanton Lancaster Bomber FM159 was dedicated to S/L Ian Bazalgette, and to date has been restored to partial working order. The plane bears the F2-T markings that adorned the plane that carried Baz and his crew on their final mission.

Perhaps the most touching tribute to Baz's legacy was undertaken by his surviving crew. Navigator Geoff Goddard named his son Ian after Bazalgette. Douglas Cameron named his only daughter Margaret Middleton Bazalgette Cameron; he had also flown with the late Australian Victoria Cross winner Ron Middleton, and paid tribute to both men in naming his daughter.

Ian Bazalgette in uniform re-creation of Bazalgette's dog tags Avro Lancaster bomber similar to the one on which Bazalgette served as pilot